Red Passion Writings

A collection of short stories and poems from a queer romance writer

About Red – short story writer

Red writes steamy lesbian and bi erotica and romantic adventure short stories. Since childhood, Red has loved losing herself in stories set in other times and places, and sometimes living vicariously through her strong female characters. She is working on a debut novel – a lesbian romance set in the late eighteenth century. What could be more enticing than gorgeous women in tight breeches or long flowing dresses! 

Read Red’s short stories on Wattpad here. Connect with Red on Twitter here and Facebook here. Red has recently punished her first erotic short story, ‘Magdalena,’ on Amazon Kindle. Follow Red on Amazon here.

Red’s stories feature strong female characters and combine elements of adventure, exotic places, history and of course romance and sex. Most of her romances entail lovely lesbian ladies, but she also writes about bisexual and straight couples. Red likes to explore female sexuality and the erotic nature of women’s bodies, and put simply loves to describe women loving (and pleasuring) each other.

By day, Red works as a research administrator and aspiring science communicator. When she isn’t writing a short story or her novel, she is blogging about anything from fungi to feminism to LGBTQI issues, performing burlesque (she’s a burlyQ student) or watching old movies. She’s a self-confessed science and history nerd, with a passionate interest in fungi, film noir, the French Revolution and real-life lesbian stories throughout history. She lives in Queensland with her partner and their dog.


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