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Recently I have had a surge in writing poetry and posts for my various blogs – Red Passion Writings, Sapphicscientist’s Blog Sapphicscientist’s Blog and Lipstick On My Lab Coat Lipstick On My Lab Coat, instead of concentrating on writing and researching my novel. I have been inspired by spring and the beautiful flowering trees, native wildlife and everyday life. And this inspiration manifested in poetry in my head (which is unusual for me because I tend to compose prose rather than poetry in my head) and I wanted to ‘put it down on virtual paper’, neglecting my novel. So I am going to try and set myself the goal of working on my novel everyday.



From the coast
Down the highway
Across rivers
Past the city
The airport

Past where we used to live
Reminisces of a few years ago
When we were first dating
Of hot dry summers
Of driving to work together

Out through the suburbs
And the countryside
Past paddocks
And country towns

Mauve jacarandas
Bright pink and red bougainvillea
Near houses
On fences
And letterboxes

Ant hills
In paddocks

Across rivers
Almost dry from lack of rain
Lakes and dams
Shorelines receding
The bush
Dry and dusty

My mountain home
In the distance
The ridge called the beacon
Signaling we are almost there

Up the winding road
Through the rainforest
Coolness in the air

Climbing higher
Looking out
At the surrounding hills
Down to the rainforest in the valley
Tall palms
Rainforest trees

A sense of coming home
Of knowing this road
It’s turns and camber
The view
The national park

To the Irish pub
On the main street
Rainforest across the road
Tall gum trees
Wooden houses
And old shop buildings

A birthday get-together
Family and friends
Nice food
Laughs and conversation
Temperature turning cold

Retreat inside
A warm fire
Locals coming in for a drink

Drive to our family home
Through the rain
Mountain weather
Past rainforest
Quaint cottages
And brightly lit restaurants

A curry

Gathered in a gazebo
Around a brazier
Warm on a cold night
Yellow flames
Glowing coals
Mountain weather

A nights sleep
Snuggled together
Greeted in the morning
By a myriad of birds

King parrots
With green and red plumage
Rainbow lorrikeets
Large cubby rainforest pigeons
Sulphur crested Cockatoos

Surrounded by birds
At one with nature
My parents lush garden
My mountain home

Drive back home to the coast
A different route
Down the mountain
Past lush paddocks
Spreading fig trees
Across small creeks

To the highway
Back past the city
Across rivers
Past suburbs
And the countryside
To the coast
And my home now


My daily journey
From my seaside town
To the city
By car
And bus

Drive from near the sea
Through the country
Mountains in the distance
A man made dam
To a country town
To catch the train

Past towns
Suburban sprawl
City skyscrapers

Cross the river
Past the city
Perched on the river bank
Mangroves lining the shore
Mountains in the distance
To the west

Change to a bus
Cross the river again
The mountains to the north west
My work before me
On a bend in the river
Buildings of sandstone
Metal and concrete

In the evening
The reverse journey
Cross the river
This time
A train on a line
With a country town
It’s final destination
On the north coast
In the hills inland

I like it
As I am a country town girl
Some thing nice about it
Going away from the
Craziness of work
Leaving the bustle of the city behind

To the quietness
The serenity
And sense of belonging
In a country
And coastal town

Past the suburbs
The blackness
And darkness
Of the fields
And mountains beyond

A sense of vastness
That there is more beyond
The well lit city
And towns
A vast land
The country






Golden afternoon light
Cast upon the trees
And parkland

Bright mauve blossom of Jacarandas
Against the green grass
Bursts of colour
Amongst the greenery

The warmth of the day
Still present
A spring afternoon
Summer approaching fast


Jacarandas with iridescent mauve flowers
And spreading gnarled branches
Bursts of colour
Dotted amongst the suburbs

Flame trees with bright red bell flowers
Slender olive green trunk and branches
A rainforest native
A bright red beacon
Amongst the lush rainforest

Poincianas with red flowers
Feathery leaves and spreading branches
Reminiscent of an African plain

Silky oaks with orange flowers
Tall native trees
With grevillea like flowers

Morton Bay figs
Majestic spreading branches
Leathery dark green leaves
Small fig fruit
Near the water
Or in the rainforest






The sun rising over the ocean
And the coastline
Rays of light emanating
From the rising sun

Norfolk Island Pines
Along the beachfront
Silhouetted against the ocean
And pale blue morning sky

Golden light of early morning
Bathing trees
And houses alike
The land
All aglow

Crisp morning
Sunlight sparkling
And reflecting from the leaves
And pale trunks
Of Gum trees

Water birds on the lake
A black cormorant
It’s wings spread to dry
In the morning sunlight


Avenues of gnarled
Old Jacarandas
Bare spreading branches
Sprays of iridescent mauve flowers
Blossom in a carpet beneath

I head down the avenue
Colour above me
Colour below me
Bright blue sky
Spring in Brisbane





From the Country to the Sea

Country town
Coastal city
Between the two
From one to the other

I come from a country town
High in the mountains
Of the McPherson range
Amongst the rainforest
Fields, orchards and quaint cottages
Views to the city and ocean

Spent high school years
Journeying to the coast
From my mountain home
The sea and the hills
A part of me

I live in a coastal city
A seaside town
The beach close by
Dawn over the ocean and headland
Beach houses
The water

To work in the city
I leave my home in the coastal city
Catch the train from a country town
A main street of shops
Mountains in the distance
A sense of belonging


It was dark when I got home
As I walked towards the house
I smelt honeysuckle in the air
A spring evening
Summer’s approaching

The heady scent of an exotic flower
Brings memories of summer back
A Queensland summer
Warm balmy nights

As I stop to take off my shoes
I notice the crickets and cicadas chirping
Another signifier of the coming summer


Left work early
Unusual for me
The day still bright and stark
Reading the newspaper on the train

At home station
Warmth in the air
Late afternoon light
Setting buildings
And vegetation aglow
Jacarandas & silky oaks
Gum trees

Driving home
Admiring the dam
With it reeds & water birds
Coastal twilight
An orange & pink glow
In the sky
Admiration & emotion
Stirred in my belly
Summertime coming

Home earlier than usual
I greet my girl
With happiness and glee
We change
And head out the door

Dinner by the sea
Time with friends
Reminiscing over the weekend
Talk of food
Good times

A sit by the beach
The waves crashing
Twinkling lights of apartment blocks
Of seaside towns & suburbs
In the distance
Blinking lights
Signaling the channel

Time spent together
Then home
To bed and sleep
Happiness from an evening
Spent with good friends

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