Red Passion Writings

A collection of short stories and poems from a queer romance writer


From coastal town to coastal city
We journeyed
Past my mountain hometown
To the west
To our destination
The southern end of the coast

Sense of a seaside town
Surf beaches
Cool shops
Retro unit blocks

Surfers, Broadbeach, Burleigh
Spread out before us
A line of skyscrapers
Along the curve of the coast

My girl asleep in the bed next to me
From my bed I can see the city
Twinkling lights in the distance
The jagged outline of the skyscrapers
The dark shape of Mt Burleigh amongst the light
Nature amongst the city

The next day
The glow of dawn in the sky
Upon the clouds
The city lights still twinkling
The sea phosphorescent
Norfolk Island Pines silhouetted
Against the orange sky

From my bed to the balcony
My girl still asleep
I watch the sky grow light
The sand of the beach more white
The ocean more blue
The pinky orange light of the sun
Glints off the skyscrapers
In the distance

Birds flying across the sky
People walking on the beach
Small boats moving across the water
An early morning fish

One of the most wonderful views
I think myself so lucky
To sit and admire this
The city
The ocean
The beach
Spread before me



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