Red Passion Writings

A collection of short stories and poems from a queer romance writer


Left work early
Unusual for me
The day still bright and stark
Reading the newspaper on the train

At home station
Warmth in the air
Late afternoon light
Setting buildings
And vegetation aglow
Jacarandas & silky oaks
Gum trees

Driving home
Admiring the dam
With it reeds & water birds
Coastal twilight
An orange & pink glow
In the sky
Admiration & emotion
Stirred in my belly
Summertime coming

Home earlier than usual
I greet my girl
With happiness and glee
We change
And head out the door

Dinner by the sea
Time with friends
Reminiscing over the weekend
Talk of food
Good times

A sit by the beach
The waves crashing
Twinkling lights of apartment blocks
Of seaside towns & suburbs
In the distance
Blinking lights
Signaling the channel

Time spent together
Then home
To bed and sleep
Happiness from an evening
Spent with good friends


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