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Writing Erotica in an Unlikely Place

A few weeks ago I traveled to Canberra (Australia’s national capital) for a work conference.  I flew in on the Sunday before the conference. Although I could have browsed the numerous museums or both houses of parliament (old and new), I wanted to squeeze in some writing. 

I strolled through the lush parklands dotted with maples, pines, and other cold climate trees, native gum trees, past colourful rose gardens and then came upon Old Parliament House. I decided upon buying a coffee and sitting in the cafe and writing. 

I purchased a soy cappuccino and sat at the best table in the cafe – in front of the window that looked down the mall towards the Australian War Memorial and Mt. Ainsley looming behind it. I pulled out my iPad, some old notes of a story penned twelve years ago and typed up my erotic lesbian romance ‘Magdalena,’ which I have just published on Amazon

As I typed and imagined the steamy lesbian love scenes between my characters (and felt rather ‘hot under the collar’ myself) I had a sudden thought – I’m writing erotica in Old Parliament House, the former seat of the Australian Federal Government! What an unlikely place to write erotica. But an awesome topic for a blog post! 

So my writing session was fruitful. I had an almost 4,000 word story in publishable form. I attended the conference over the two days. After a delicious drink in the bar of the Hyatt Hotel, a sumptuous historic hotel just down the road from new Parliament House, I caught the flight home, and set about editing my story. 

I’d love to hear about some of the unlikely places you’ve written or read erotica in. Email me at

New Parliament House


An Eastern Passion – an historic romance short story

This historic romance short story  is a tale of unrequited and forbidden love set in the 18th Century. In a distant colonial outpost a young widow describes her feelings for an exotic man of the East. Although they must part, does he ultimately love her as she does him? Available for $0.99 USD on Kindle and available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited here

Magdalena – an Erotic Lesbian Short Story

A sample of my erotic lesbian short story Magdalena available through Amazon.

When we met, I thought him an attractive older man. He possessed a knowledge of the world and everything in it that I had yet to encounter in another man. To him, he said, I was the epitome of a young woman – tall, blonde, pretty, and interested in him. We had married only three months after meeting. He told me that if one day I left him for a younger man he would understand. Would he be that understanding if I left him for a woman? I had never told him my true feelings, and my suppression of these desires had enhanced my urge to fulfil them. All I needed was the right initiator.


She came towards me through the darkened, crowded room, and I started to make out her voluptuous figure, pale alabaster skin and long wavy black hair. As she came closer I could see the attractive features of her face – slender nose, high cheekbones, full crimson lips, thin arching eyebrows and dark almond shaped eyes. A long black dress of crushed velvet and a tight corset clung to her figure, displaying her attributes to the world. She was tall with a thin waist, delicate curves and full breasts. Their pale flesh was exposed to the air with the uplifting nature of her corset. She wore heavy boots on her feet in true goth style. 
The mutual friend who was about to make us acquaintances had playfully warned me about her. She burned with an exotic European sensuality, and she passionately tore both men AND women apart with her beauty and sexuality. She was unashamedly bisexual.

She was a stunning gothic beauty! I was mesmerised by her. I had never seen a woman in the flesh like her. And she was interested in women too!? I was going to know her! I knew then that if I could have her, all my dreams would be fulfilled. If she would be mine, I could finally, truely, realise my feelings and the depths of my desires. Would she want me? 

I was determined to at least overcome my shyness and talk to her before the night was through. Our group, six in total including her, decided to leave the club. We returned to our starting point, my friend’s flat a short distance away. There we could have more freedom. More freedom to talk, to indulge our tastes for alcohol and certain drugs, and perhaps each other. My friend wanted time with a man she had started seeing. And now I had a chance to talk to her, the woman I was already intensely drawn to, Magdalena. 
She was sitting on the lounge by herself. I joined her. I wanted to know all about her, and I wanted to admire her from a much closer position. We spoke. She had no exotic accent as I expected, just a London accent. Her father was Hungarian, her mother French. She was born in Paris but had lived most of her life in England. She asked me a little about myself and I told her. 

Realisation – A Wattpad Short Story

In my lesbian short story ‘Realisation’ my protagonist contemplates the enormity of a kiss with another woman. Read ‘Realisation’ on Wattpad – here.

A Sapphic Romance – an Erotic Short Story 

Read my saucy erotic lesbian short story ‘A Sapphic Romance’ on Wattpad – here

A Queer Girl’s Dream Come True – a touching lesbian romance

Fancy some touching lesbian romance? Red my short story ‘A Queer Girl’s Dream Come True’ on Wattpad here.

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