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Writing Erotica in an Unlikely Place

A few weeks ago I traveled to Canberra (Australia’s national capital) for a work conference.  I flew in on the Sunday before the conference. Although I could have browsed the numerous museums or both houses of parliament (old and new), I wanted to squeeze in some writing. 

I strolled through the lush parklands dotted with maples, pines, and other cold climate trees, native gum trees, past colourful rose gardens and then came upon Old Parliament House. I decided upon buying a coffee and sitting in the cafe and writing. 

I purchased a soy cappuccino and sat at the best table in the cafe – in front of the window that looked down the mall towards the Australian War Memorial and Mt. Ainsley looming behind it. I pulled out my iPad, some old notes of a story penned twelve years ago and typed up my erotic lesbian romance ‘Magdalena,’ which I have just published on Amazon

As I typed and imagined the steamy lesbian love scenes between my characters (and felt rather ‘hot under the collar’ myself) I had a sudden thought – I’m writing erotica in Old Parliament House, the former seat of the Australian Federal Government! What an unlikely place to write erotica. But an awesome topic for a blog post! 

So my writing session was fruitful. I had an almost 4,000 word story in publishable form. I attended the conference over the two days. After a delicious drink in the bar of the Hyatt Hotel, a sumptuous historic hotel just down the road from new Parliament House, I caught the flight home, and set about editing my story. 

I’d love to hear about some of the unlikely places you’ve written or read erotica in. Email me at

New Parliament House


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2 thoughts on “Writing Erotica in an Unlikely Place

  1. I haven’t had the courage to write erotica in public places, and I applaud you for writing in the cafe. I’ve only done it in the safety of home. I think I’d be worried of people wondering why I was typing so fast 🙂

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  2. Thanks! Hmm, the others in the cafe probably thought I was intensely typing something. Caught up in my story!


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