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A collection of short stories and poems from a queer romance writer

Stay tuned for Another Erotic Short Story

Having published my first short story ebook on Amazon’s Kindle (my erotic lesbian short story ‘Magdalena’ is available here) I was inspired to work on another soon-to-be ebook.

This one will have a more bisexual flavour. But there will definitely be some steamy lesbian love scenes, and perhaps some understanding husbands (probably not in the way you are thinking! Wink wink). 

I had a few days off last week and on my first day off I spent it rummaging through old story notes while watching a famous film noir movie, The Lady from Shanghai, staring Rita Hayworth and Orson Wells. 

I can across a few pages of scribbled notes from about ten years ago which instantly caught my attention. The notes briefly described a passionate affair between two women in a Country town. I had scribbled a short description of a scene between the two women where the son of one of them picks up on their attraction to each other. When I read it, I knew this would be a story to elaborate and turn into by next ebook.

I’m in the throes of finishing a first draft. Writing is being slipped in on my morning and afternoon commutes and over dinner. Then it will be onto editing and publishing. I’m planning to release it before Christmas.

So if you fancy reading some short and steamy lesbian and bi erotica over the holiday period – stay tuned! 


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