Red Passion Writings

A collection of short stories and poems from a queer romance writer

A Country Awakening – Out Now on Amazon (Kindle)

My new erotic romance short story, A Country Awakening, now available on Amazon, features self exploration, steamy lesbian love scenes, country vistas and an understanding husband.

For Anna, moving to a country town with her policeman husband is more than just a change of scenery. It is an awakening of her body and soul. One day Sophia, a gorgeous redhead, walks into Anna’s retro clothes shop and into her erotic fantasies. They quickly become friends and lovers. As Anna and Sophia explore their lesbian desires how will Anna’s husband react to her infidelity and bisexual revelations?

Find my story on Amazon and Kindle here. If you have a Kindle eReader or the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad or android device, just search for ‘A Country Awakening’ or ‘Red Passion Writings.’

Hope you enjoy! And if you do, please leave a review. Reader reviews help us writers out enormously. 


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