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Historic Romance Short Story – Chances Of A Lifetime > Coming Soon 

I’m editing an old short story of mine – an historic straight romance called ‘Chances Of A Lifetime.’ It’s a young woman’s tale of army life, adventure & romance (including unrequited love) spanning the 1940s and 1950s and from Moreton Bay to exotic Palestine.

This is a slight rewrite of a very old short story of mine (written eighteen years ago when I was twenty-one) from my days of fascination with Israel & women’s roles in the Australian army during WWII. 

The overarching story was actually my first attempt at a novel. The novel unfortunately still lies unfinished, but the story lives on through this short and sweet version. 

I loved writing this story. The characters of Hannah (my protagonist – a young Australian woman from a small town perched high in the mountains) and Yigal (a handsome Jewish soldier from Palestine) have stayed with me through the years. As I was editing, the scenes from my story played vividly in my memory. 

‘Chances Of A Lifetime’ will be available soon on Amazon and Kindle (including Kindle devices and apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices). Stay tuned…..


Magdalena > sequel coming soon

I’ve received some great feedback from readers on my erotic short story ‘Magdalena.’ Some have asked about a sequel. My answer – yes a sequel is in the works. I’m in the early stages of writing it and I’m figuring out what will happen to my characters. Will our protagonist choose Magdalena over her husband? Can they all come to an agreement? I don’t know yet. But I know I’ll have to include some steamy lady loving. Perhaps even some light bondage……. Hmmm, any thoughts dear readers?

A Cure for Writer’s Block > Visit Country & Seaside Towns

I suffered a severe case of writer’s block over the Christmas-New Year Break. I’d exhausted my creative energy on madly completing and publishing my second erotic lesbian romance short story, A Country Awakening (on Amazon here), before Christmas. My creative juices, and inspiration, had evaporated. But with a visit to my hometown, perched high in the rainforest covered hinterland of the bustling city of the Gold Coast, and two small seaside towns, my creative powers were restored. The quietness, a chance to relax and the breath taking views restored my soul. I am now busily writing two romance short stories (one an historical lesbian romance set in convict times, and the other, an erotic romance with a Trans twist), and working through old stories that I could breathe new life into and publish as ebooks.

I’ve included some photos from visits – see below. 

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