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New Short Story eBooks > historical romance & revenge

I’ve been busy. While editing my soon to be released historical romance short story ‘Chances Of A Lifetime,’ I thought I’d publish a couple of old short stories on Amazon as eBooks. I wrote these stories over ten years ago. 

Interestingly, the romance that is featured in these stories is a little straight. Yep, straight. You see I haven’t always identified as a lesbian, although I always knew I was somehow different (guess I found out why when I found out I was not so straight).
So about the stories – 

An Eastern Passion is a tale of unrequited and forbidden love set in the 18th Century. In a distant colonial outpost a young widow describes her feelings for an exotic man of the East. Although they must part, does he ultimately love her as she does him? 
Revenge is a story of intrigue, revenge and love set against the back drop of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Kath, pretending to be a journalist, seeks revenge on the IRA for what they did to her. But what will happen when the terrorists find out who she really is? 

Both stories are available as eBooks on Amazon and Kindle for 0.99 USD and free on Kindle Unlimited. 

Hoepe you enjoy them.


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