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Exodus > Inspiration for my short story 

My soon to be released short story, Chances Of A Lifetime, was partially inspired by the epic novel, Exodus, by Leon Uris. I was inspired and intrigued by the exotic land of Palestine, of the fight for Jewish independence, and by the fascinating, and alluring, native born Jews. My main character Hannah travels to Palestine in the late 1940s. There she meets a handsome Jewish soldier by the name of Yigal. 

I first read Exodus by Leon Uris almost twenty years ago. It’s story and the real life struggles of the Jewish people and the conflict in Palestine and Israel took my imagination and mind. I wanted to know more about the Arab-Israeli conflict, Jewish culture, the Hebrew language and the history of the Holy Land (irrespective of religion or culture – it is a land that has been inhabited for thousands years and by people of many faiths and cultures). I immersed myself in all things Jewish, including Jewish cuisine (I love potato latkes!). I tried my hand at learning Hebrew. And I wanted to travel to Israel and see the Holy Land with my own eyes.
I devoured history books and read accounts of the conflict from all sides. I tried to under the complex (and sometimes stupid) political negotiations, machinations and power hungry activities that didn’t help the conflict. 

When I found a video of the movie Exodus (released in 1960) at my university’s library I couldn’t wait to watch it. But I was a little disappointed. It lacked something. And Paul Newman, although a good looking man, just didn’t cut it as the main character, Ari Ben Canaan. But hey, we all have those moments when you finally get to see the movie version of your favourite book and we are sorely disappointed. 

Although my fascination with all things Israel, Jewish culture and the Arab-Israeli conflict is not as strong as it was, I am still intrigued. I hope there can be a resolution to the conflict and that the Palestinian people can live freely and have a homeland of their own. And that Israelis and Palestinians can live harmoniously.


Goal > Publish before I start my new job

I’ve set myself a goal before I start my new job at the beginning of August – publish my next short story Chances Of A Lifetime on Amazon.
It’s a young woman’s tale of army life, adventure & romance (including unrequited love) spanning the 1940s and 1950s and from Moreton Bay (Australia) to exotic Palestine. I’ve blogged about this story before – read it here.

No longer a slight rewrite of an almost eighteen year old short story, it has grown into a full on rewrite. Research, rewriting dialogue, adding extra detail. But now I am happy with it. I’m finalising the last and most romantic scene. Who doesn’t love a declaration of true love and fulfilment of unrequited love and passion.

It’s a straight/hetero romance, but I love the characters and their tale of unrequited love. 

It will be available on Amazon and Kindle (including Kindle devices and apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices). Stay tuned…..

Inspiration > The Duchess

I wanted to immerse myself in a French Revolution or Georgian drama. I wanted to admire the costumes – I love the gorgeous dresses & stylish breaches (what is more sexy than a beautiful woman in tight black breaches and a riding habit!) and wonder what it was like to live in that era.

In lieu of watching The Scarlet Pimpernel (namely the BBC TV series), one of my favourite dramas set in the French Revolutionary and Georgian eras, I set about watching The Duchess (read about the movie on IMDb here). The movie stars Keira Knightly and chronicles the lavish, yet restrictived, life of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. 

Every time I watch this movie I thank my lucky stars I live now, in a century and modern society where we can live and love freely, where there are no obligations regarding marriage and child bearing, and that we as women have equal rights and can decide our own fates. It makes me angry. It spurs my feminist beliefs.

It gives me inspiration. Inspiration to write my long dreamt of novel set in French Revolution and Georgian times. My story is a little different to that of The Duchess. It is a story of freedom, of lesbian romance, of exotic locales (namely India). Now to set about writing my story! I will finish it one day and share it with my wonderful followers. Stay tuned.

And I have to include this saucy scene from The Duchess

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