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Exodus > Inspiration for my short story 

My soon to be released short story, Chances Of A Lifetime, was partially inspired by the epic novel, Exodus, by Leon Uris. I was inspired and intrigued by the exotic land of Palestine, of the fight for Jewish independence, and by the fascinating, and alluring, native born Jews. My main character Hannah travels to Palestine in the late 1940s. There she meets a handsome Jewish soldier by the name of Yigal. 

I first read Exodus by Leon Uris almost twenty years ago. It’s story and the real life struggles of the Jewish people and the conflict in Palestine and Israel took my imagination and mind. I wanted to know more about the Arab-Israeli conflict, Jewish culture, the Hebrew language and the history of the Holy Land (irrespective of religion or culture – it is a land that has been inhabited for thousands years and by people of many faiths and cultures). I immersed myself in all things Jewish, including Jewish cuisine (I love potato latkes!). I tried my hand at learning Hebrew. And I wanted to travel to Israel and see the Holy Land with my own eyes.
I devoured history books and read accounts of the conflict from all sides. I tried to under the complex (and sometimes stupid) political negotiations, machinations and power hungry activities that didn’t help the conflict. 

When I found a video of the movie Exodus (released in 1960) at my university’s library I couldn’t wait to watch it. But I was a little disappointed. It lacked something. And Paul Newman, although a good looking man, just didn’t cut it as the main character, Ari Ben Canaan. But hey, we all have those moments when you finally get to see the movie version of your favourite book and we are sorely disappointed. 

Although my fascination with all things Israel, Jewish culture and the Arab-Israeli conflict is not as strong as it was, I am still intrigued. I hope there can be a resolution to the conflict and that the Palestinian people can live freely and have a homeland of their own. And that Israelis and Palestinians can live harmoniously.


Goal > Publish before I start my new job

I’ve set myself a goal before I start my new job at the beginning of August – publish my next short story Chances Of A Lifetime on Amazon.
It’s a young woman’s tale of army life, adventure & romance (including unrequited love) spanning the 1940s and 1950s and from Moreton Bay (Australia) to exotic Palestine. I’ve blogged about this story before – read it here.

No longer a slight rewrite of an almost eighteen year old short story, it has grown into a full on rewrite. Research, rewriting dialogue, adding extra detail. But now I am happy with it. I’m finalising the last and most romantic scene. Who doesn’t love a declaration of true love and fulfilment of unrequited love and passion.

It’s a straight/hetero romance, but I love the characters and their tale of unrequited love. 

It will be available on Amazon and Kindle (including Kindle devices and apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices). Stay tuned…..

New Short Story eBooks > historical romance & revenge

I’ve been busy. While editing my soon to be released historical romance short story ‘Chances Of A Lifetime,’ I thought I’d publish a couple of old short stories on Amazon as eBooks. I wrote these stories over ten years ago. 

Interestingly, the romance that is featured in these stories is a little straight. Yep, straight. You see I haven’t always identified as a lesbian, although I always knew I was somehow different (guess I found out why when I found out I was not so straight).
So about the stories – 

An Eastern Passion is a tale of unrequited and forbidden love set in the 18th Century. In a distant colonial outpost a young widow describes her feelings for an exotic man of the East. Although they must part, does he ultimately love her as she does him? 
Revenge is a story of intrigue, revenge and love set against the back drop of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Kath, pretending to be a journalist, seeks revenge on the IRA for what they did to her. But what will happen when the terrorists find out who she really is? 

Both stories are available as eBooks on Amazon and Kindle for 0.99 USD and free on Kindle Unlimited. 

Hoepe you enjoy them.

Historic Romance Short Story – Chances Of A Lifetime > Coming Soon 

I’m editing an old short story of mine – an historic straight romance called ‘Chances Of A Lifetime.’ It’s a young woman’s tale of army life, adventure & romance (including unrequited love) spanning the 1940s and 1950s and from Moreton Bay to exotic Palestine.

This is a slight rewrite of a very old short story of mine (written eighteen years ago when I was twenty-one) from my days of fascination with Israel & women’s roles in the Australian army during WWII. 

The overarching story was actually my first attempt at a novel. The novel unfortunately still lies unfinished, but the story lives on through this short and sweet version. 

I loved writing this story. The characters of Hannah (my protagonist – a young Australian woman from a small town perched high in the mountains) and Yigal (a handsome Jewish soldier from Palestine) have stayed with me through the years. As I was editing, the scenes from my story played vividly in my memory. 

‘Chances Of A Lifetime’ will be available soon on Amazon and Kindle (including Kindle devices and apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices). Stay tuned…..

Magdalena > sequel coming soon

I’ve received some great feedback from readers on my erotic short story ‘Magdalena.’ Some have asked about a sequel. My answer – yes a sequel is in the works. I’m in the early stages of writing it and I’m figuring out what will happen to my characters. Will our protagonist choose Magdalena over her husband? Can they all come to an agreement? I don’t know yet. But I know I’ll have to include some steamy lady loving. Perhaps even some light bondage……. Hmmm, any thoughts dear readers?

A Lesbian Romance in the Country > A Country Awakening

Fancy some lesbian romance in the country? Some steamy lesbian sex to fill your lonely (or not so lonely) nights? A tale of two women exploring their bisexuality? If you answered yes, then check out my erotic short story A Country Awakening on Amazon and Kindle for only 99c.  I’m sure I will get you all hot under the collar! 

A Country Awakening – Out Now on Amazon (Kindle)

My new erotic romance short story, A Country Awakening, now available on Amazon, features self exploration, steamy lesbian love scenes, country vistas and an understanding husband.

For Anna, moving to a country town with her policeman husband is more than just a change of scenery. It is an awakening of her body and soul. One day Sophia, a gorgeous redhead, walks into Anna’s retro clothes shop and into her erotic fantasies. They quickly become friends and lovers. As Anna and Sophia explore their lesbian desires how will Anna’s husband react to her infidelity and bisexual revelations?

Find my story on Amazon and Kindle here. If you have a Kindle eReader or the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad or android device, just search for ‘A Country Awakening’ or ‘Red Passion Writings.’

Hope you enjoy! And if you do, please leave a review. Reader reviews help us writers out enormously. 

New Erotic Romance COMING SOON

My new erotic romance short story, A Country Awakening, will be available on Amazon and Kindle very soon! Featuring steamy lesbian love scenes and an understanding husband, it will get you all ‘hot under the collar,’ and wondering what ladies get up to in the country. 

Short Stories on Wattpad

Fancy some quick romantic, erotic or adventurous short stories? Check out a selection of my short stories (lesbian, bi and straight) on Wattpad here (my profile) or at the individual links below –

  • A Queer Girl’s Dream Come True – A romantic dream come true for a queer girl
  • A Sapphic Romance – A sensual night between two lovers
  • Realisation – A woman’s self realisation of her lesbian sexuality
  • Agent – A story of intrigue, revenge and love against the back drop of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland
  • Genevieve – A love story between a French Revolutionary and an English aristocrat

Writing on My Morning Commute

An unexpected train delay and detour through another part of the city gave me extra writing time. I was madly typing some of the final scene of my upcoming erotic short story (working title – ‘A Country Awakening’) worried that I couldn’t get my thoughts down fast enough before I got to the station near my work. 

But an extra twenty minutes gave me the chance to get closer to the ending of my story……. and write another steamy scene between my two female lovers. 

I’m planing to release my book on Amazon and Kindle in time for Christmas. Perhaps a little pleasurable gift to yourself for the holidays? 

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