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A Cure for Writer’s Block > Visit Country & Seaside Towns

I suffered a severe case of writer’s block over the Christmas-New Year Break. I’d exhausted my creative energy on madly completing and publishing my second erotic lesbian romance short story, A Country Awakening (on Amazon here), before Christmas. My creative juices, and inspiration, had evaporated. But with a visit to my hometown, perched high in the rainforest covered hinterland of the bustling city of the Gold Coast, and two small seaside towns, my creative powers were restored. The quietness, a chance to relax and the breath taking views restored my soul. I am now busily writing two romance short stories (one an historical lesbian romance set in convict times, and the other, an erotic romance with a Trans twist), and working through old stories that I could breathe new life into and publish as ebooks.

I’ve included some photos from visits – see below. 

Writing on My Morning Commute

An unexpected train delay and detour through another part of the city gave me extra writing time. I was madly typing some of the final scene of my upcoming erotic short story (working title – ‘A Country Awakening’) worried that I couldn’t get my thoughts down fast enough before I got to the station near my work. 

But an extra twenty minutes gave me the chance to get closer to the ending of my story……. and write another steamy scene between my two female lovers. 

I’m planing to release my book on Amazon and Kindle in time for Christmas. Perhaps a little pleasurable gift to yourself for the holidays? 

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Writing Outdoors

I caught some writing time during my lunch break from my day job. I found a spot under a spreading fig tree that looked out across a beautiful lake. 

What am I writing you ask? My next erotic short story (I briefly wrote about it here). Current working title – ‘A Country Awakening.’ It will feature self exploration, steamy lesbian love scenes, country vistas and understanding husbands. 

The view from my writing spot

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